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The hardest part of creating a blog is building that initial inertia to get things rolling.  My mind wanders to all the various ways I could choose to begin, and with paralyzing uncertainty, my fingers stumble about in a disjointed attempt to justify their actions.  I try and imagine what questions a would be reader would want answered while at the same time I remind myself that perhaps the best approach is to write as if I am the audience.

The quandary is born mostly in creating the backstory.  Once we are all on the same page, I can write of events and explorations in real time and with confidence that we all know the preceding chapter, therefore allowing me to focus on the present.  For now however, I need to put us all on equal footing so that we are all headed in the same direction at the same speed.  Admittedly, that task is daunting and requires that I set a tone, a cadence, and a perspective from which to launch into the here and now.

Some of the things I feel need a little pen time include: Why sailing?  Are you qualified?  Why now?  What happens after?  What about the kids education, friends, and activities?  Are you sure?

Additionally I want to shed light upon several significant steps along the build up to this journey, such as the shedding of possessions, the longing for simplicity, the need for quality family space and time, and the firm belief that growth and understanding are fundamental outcomes derived from travel.

I am confident that this blog will find its groove before too long, but recognize that it may feel a bit haphazard in the meantime.  Stick with it and I will do my best to power through this awkward phase.  After years of “what if”, a short period of “well maybe”, and now a year of “why not”, we are ready for “no turning back now”.  Welcome aboard.

6 thoughts on “Inertia

  • Your writing is powerful and valuable. Your pondering is right on! You are going to gift your readers immensely. Thank You!!


  • If you write this blog like you wrote your adoption blogs your readers will always feel like they are sailing with you.


  • I loved reading your adoption blog, I know I will love this blog just as much. You are a gifted writer Steve and the cast of characters are the best!! So excited to follow along and I know all your posts will not disappoint :)!
    Lots of love,


  • You are doing well and I am looking forward to the answers to the questions you already know people will have.


  • Your words make wounderful pictures, I so happy to follow this adventure. I am confident that for the girls will be awesome experience, caracter builder and develop streinghts than would help them in life and relationships, send you to all love.


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