Welcome to our new blog where we will be sharing our journey as a family of four (plus Dave) living aboard our sailboat TouRai.  We hope that this site serves multiple purposes and expect that its function will evolve over time.

Initially I hope that this site provides a way for friends and family to learn more about our intentions, motivations, hopes, and apprehensions as we transition from what would seem a ‘normal’ lifestyle to this new one aboard a boat.  In doing so, I hope that you will continue to follow along as we jump aboard in mid June and begin to explore our new normal.

As we get going, I hope that you will continue to follow our blog and I hope to grow our readership to include those people we meet along our journey and others considering making a change in their own life.  We have learned a lot from other families who have move aboard before us and we hope, in time, that we can develop into a one of those blogs that offer a glimpse of what lies ahead to families and individuals seeking their own change.

Much like our experience with our previous blog which followed the adoption of our two daughters who were born in Kazakhstan, this new blog will feature, photos, videos, and stories about more than just the highlights.  We hope to convey the highs and lows of our new reality.

Over time I hope that Kjersten, Tougy, and Nurai will all contribute posts so that you can see a bit of how we all will invariable see the journey differently and feel compelled to write from differing points of view and with attention to different aspects of our life on a boat, but I suspect that much of the writing will initially be done by me, Steve.

So with that brief intro, let’s get on with it…

8 thoughts on “Pre-Boarding

  • Love it. I believe you will find many of us living vicariously through your travels. This is an excellent medium to allow us to ride along. Thanks for the opportunity!!

    Gary L.


  • So excited for your journey into this adventurous chapter of your life. Who am I kidding? Your whole life is one big adventure!! Safe travels to the Fab Four!!


  • Thanks for sharing your adventures!
    Wishing you the best as you create new memories with your family!


  • I’m so excited to follow you in this journey. Since you moved tonObioband we first to DC, we have felt a strong Void in our lives. We miss you. I smile at each entry felling that much closer to you guys. As you know, I am a blog enthusiast, so thank you for joining the blog world once again. I can’t wait to live vicariously through all of your adventures. Much love and mad respect from A & A


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